Trigger warning: This post contains the subjects of sexual assault, and abuse. Since the Me Too movement, consent has been under a microscope. This is such a muddy subject, and people can be very opinionated. With excuses like: boys will be boys; times were different then; if a boy likes you he will be meanContinue reading “Consent”

Male Intimidation

Male Intimidation is something I have fought my whole life. It seems like when you are a survivor of any kind of abuse or assault you are vulnerable to more abuse. Every single woman I know has had some kind of sexual harassment or abuse. I also know some men who have endured sexual abuse,Continue reading “Male Intimidation”

My First Story

In addition to sharing my own experiences, I welcome your personal stories, both anonymous and public. I welcome stories of abuse; sexual abuse, Sexual harassment, domestic violence, mental abuse, and day to day coping with PTSD. All survivors are welcome; men, women, trans, and non binary. This is a safe place to share to not only help others cope, but also to release our stories to help with the healing process.